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Christian faith explained

Everything important about Christian faith presented concisely with voice, text, graphics, video and Q&A.

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God's design plan
God's trinity
Bible credibility
God's character
Reasoned faith
Heaven / Hell
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Only way?
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Because you don’t have enough hours in the day ...

you need modern communication tools like FaithExplorer to help you minister to more people ... to maximize comprehension and retention ... to facilitate pass-along.

FaithExplorer enables you to send explanation links by email ... print PDFs for hand-out ... watch and discuss from computers, smart phones, tablets, projectors and TV screens.

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Daily living

Bible credibility

Bible credibility
Reasoned faith
God's design plan
God's design plan
God's trinity
God's character
God's character
God's character
Only way?
Only 2ay?
Daily living
Daily living
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Reasoned faith

God’s design plan

God’s trinity

God’s character


Only way?

Daily living

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FaithExplorer answers these questions, and dozens more!

  1. When people ask you these questions, do you wish you had a good communication tool to help explain?

  2. When you disciple others, do you wish you could provide them with a good tool to help them articulate reasons for faith to their friends?

FaithExplorer may be the digital tool you’ve been looking for ... use in your email, on your smartphone, on your website, on your projector. and from your desktop printer.

Concise and intelligent, without religious jargon.

Used by thousands of pastors and Christian workers for help with evangelism, new believers, personal discipleship, counseling, new member classes, leadership training, church Bible studies, parents teaching at home, neighborhood and workplace discussion groups, and more.

Everything is free!

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What if I can’t believe all those stories in the Bible?
How could a loving God send people to hell if they never heard?
Is Jesus the only way?
Did God have my life predestined before I was even born?
What is the trinity?
Can an intelligent person ignore evidence for evolution?
What does God want me to do?

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